10 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers in 2023

best websites to buy instagram followers

According to researchers, Instagram is one of the most popular social media platforms. Although not more popular than YouTube, it successfully surpassed its parent company, Facebook. With a mostly younger demographic, Instagram is a very powerful tool for influencers and aspiring influencers.

The success of influencers depends on their followers and their commitment to them. To gain popularity, you need to gather a large number of followers. Sometimes it is very difficult to do it organically, and that is why people choose the option to buy Instagram followers and likes.

Fortunately, there are countless websites where you can do just that, but if you’re not sure which ones are the best, we’ll solve that problem with today’s article. We will also talk about the risks of buying followers and likes and give you an idea of ​​​​how Instagram works in this regard.

If you are ready to expand your Instagram profile and make money from it, you will definitely want to read this article. Let’s see where to buy Instagram followers.

Best Sites to Buy Instagram Followers

Without wasting another second of your time, let’s dive deeper and start with the most important part: the BEST sites to buy Instagram followers.

We’ve produced 15 of them today, so I’m sure you’ll have plenty of good options to choose from. Here are our favorite platforms to get your Insta followers and likes:

1. Ookfy.com

ookfy best site to buy non drop instagram followers

If you are looking for affordable yet countless Instagram followers, then Ookfy is the right choice. Ookfy is a platform that allows you to not only buy followers, but also likes and comments that can skyrocket your account popularity.

Since the inception of Instagram, Ookfy has provided organic followers that constantly interact with your account and not fake bots that could trigger the Instagram algorithm. When you buy Ookfy followers, they are immediately reflected in your account.

They will then actively like your posts and even add some natural comments to avoid looking fake. Also, Ookfy claims that they take care of Instagram security, so don’t expect any wrongdoing when using Ookfy offers.

Speaking of deals, Ookfy is surprisingly affordable. For example, Instagram followers start at just $2, while YouTube views and Twitter followers start at $13 and $2 respectively. Of course, Ookfy is a great tool to increase your engagement on social media.

With its range of other social media sites, Ookfy is certainly a versatile platform for ambitious content creators and influencers. But if you’re not satisfied, there’s even a money-back guarantee and 24-hour live chat support.

This way, you can quickly fix potential problems or simply request a refund and get your money back in no time. By the way, it also supports Bitcoin payments, so if you want to remain anonymous when paying, you can do that without any problem, great!

2. Firezup.com

buy real instagram followers

The Firezup has a name that is self-explanatory. This platform is all about increasing your influence online quickly and easily, without spending a huge amount of money. You see, Firezup won’t give you fake followers that Instagram will detect and remove in a flash.

Instead, you get real, organic followers that will interact with your account naturally. This will help you reach your target audience quickly and monetize your Instagram profile. Firezup uses your Instagram profile, analyzes it and finds people with similar interests.

When they start tracking your account, the chances of them contacting you are much higher. Let’s say you are a fitness influencer. Firezup will then give you followers who are interested in this topic who will hopefully get involved and request your services.

Not only that, but Firezup supports instant delivery and also offers you the opportunity to buy views and likes. Followers are cheap. You can get 1000 of them for just $12.99, while 25,000 followers will set you back a paltry $145.50.

Even the likes aren’t that expensive and for just $19.99 you can get 50 of them, which isn’t too bad. Needless to say, the delivery is very fast, even better than Ookfy. And since Firezup supports PayPal, VISA, and Bitcoin, it’s very easy to pay for their services.

Finally, we should mention their hassle-free 14-day money-back guarantee. Thanks to it, you will be able to quickly get a refund if you are not satisfied. But most likely that will not happen.

3. Panel2021.com

panel2021 grow insta followers

Panel2021 is another versatile site to buy Instagram followers, views, and likes. What makes Panel2021 special is their focus on delivering the highest quality performance. For starters, all deliveries are made within minutes of your purchase.

Also, the company only works with Instagram so you can be sure that its focus never strays from this platform. I like the ability to customize your plans with Panel2021. Of course, they will give you real followers that you can customize by choosing their location or gender.

For example, if you are from Canada, you can request Canadian followers. And if you are doing something related to cosmetics and beauty, you can tell Panel2021 that you want more female followers. All this is very cheap and for as little as $2.89 you can get 100 real followers from real people.
Panel2021 even offers so-called premium followers starting at $3.95 for 100 of them. Here you get real active followers and even lifetime replenishment which is very helpful. The best offer is 5,000 followers for only $49.99 and that is the one we recommend.

With 24/7 customer support via live chat, many payment methods, and a money-back guarantee, Panel2021 is definitely a bargain!

4. Adflee.com

Adflee knows the pitfalls of buying fake Instagram followers and chooses more traditional alternatives instead. You see, having organic growth is always the best and when someone does it for you, it’s a dream come true!

This site allows you to easily find relevant followers for the highest level of engagement. But instead of letting you buy 100, 1,000, or 10,000 followers, Adflee offers a fully managed workflow. That is, they offer only two subscription plans with a moderate and maximum growth rate.

They cost $149 and $199 a month, which sounds expensive. But they actually work with constant growth, giving you a personal account manager, 10 or 60 targets, and things like location/gender orientation and filtering, plus a blacklist.

With this way of doing things, Adflee actually constantly improves your Instagram following as long as you pay for it. This means there are no limits to the number of followers, likes, or views on Instagram you can achieve.

After all, you get help from your account manager, and with the opportunity to get followers from certain places and of a certain gender, it’s easier to get started. By the way, despite their high price, they offer a 14-day money-back guarantee for both plans, so you can quickly get a refund if you decide to do so.

However, once you see how well Adflee works, I doubt you’ll regret spending any more money on it! If you think the sky is the limit, Adflee will be sure to back your claim in no time!

5. Viralft

Interested in gaining Instagram followers fast in 2022? Don’t worry, Viralft is here. This platform is all about increasing your Instagram engagement with real followers all over the world. It is a great tool to grow your business and make it more discoverable online.

Viralft does this by offering many options to buy followers, likes, and views on Instagram. So, increase your visibility on this ever-growing social networking site. Although not the fastest delivery, Viralft delivers your package approximately 24 hours after purchase.

Speaking of shopping, Viralft is pretty cheap. You can buy as little as 100 followers for $3, while 20,000 followers cost $155. This is a bit cheaper than some of the previous sites we talked about. The quality of the followers is also at a high level, so more visibility and engagement is guaranteed.

Not to mention the ability to boost certain posts using the site. Once you’ve created an account and paid, you can choose the best posts to promote and use as your promotional material. We don’t like Viralft’s customer support, which isn’t the best in the industry.

But its PayPal and crypto support, along with reliability and cheap pricing, make Viralft a very good choice for reasonably demanding users.

6. Twistpanel.com

Just like Adflee, Twistpanel is a versatile website for buying social media followers. In addition to Instagram, it offers the services of TikTok, Facebook and YouTube to achieve high levels of visibility and popularity. But since we’re talking about Instagram, let’s get on with it.

In addition to buying followers, Twistpanel allows you to get views, likes, auto likes, and even Reel views and likes. These packages are relatively affordable and if you invest a little money you can fill your profile with real followers and organic engagement from all over the place.

Not only that, but you get a different type of subscription: managed growth. If you pay as little as $89.95 a month you get 100+ followers daily up to 3,000 of them and 30 day gradual growth. Do you want real followers instead? Well, for 100 of them you’ll pay $3.95, not bad.

The problem here is the gradual delivery which some people won’t like. This means that you don’t get followers right away, but instead, Twistpanel accumulates them gradually over time. Of course, this is not a reason for anger when we talk about 100 REAL Instagram followers.

For such a great deal, the wait will eventually pay off. And if you buy packages related to other social networks, Twistpanel will make sure that your popularity is properly supported, giving you more conversion opportunities.

7. Buyfol.com

Buyfol is a well-known place to buy Instagram followers. They have a long experience in social media and also offer followers on YouTube and Twitter. Still, even if it’s not the most affordable service, you can be sure that Buyfol stays away from fakes.

In other words, you don’t get fake followers here, but only high-quality, organic, and relevant followers. All of their plans give you gradual delivery, which can be good if you’re looking for steady but steady growth.

Even better is that Buyfol does not require a password and has a high retention rate. Its pricing starts at $5.5 per 100 followers and this is already a bit more expensive than other services here. However, it does give you the ability to buy up to 50,000 followers for $890, which is anything but bad.

We should also mention their 24/7 customer support and a free trial period for Instagram likes. Buyfol offers you a 7-day money-back guarantee, and if you’re not satisfied within this period, it’s easy to get a refund.

8. Buzoid.com

Buzoid understands the importance of social media, especially popular ones like Instagram and TikTok. If you are not a TikTok person, then surely your priority is to focus on Instagram. Don’t worry, Buzoid offers plenty of options here.

It allows you to buy daily and unique likes, views and followers without a password and with delivery within 12 hours. Of course, we are talking about real followers on both Instagram and TikTok, in case our Generation Z is worried about fake and harmful bots.

With daily stuff, you can enjoy gradual growth on social media, while one-time purchases get you a following in a matter of hours. However, disposable trailers are a bit expensive. An example of this is 100 followers which costs a lot, $7.99 – a bit too much for my taste.

Buzoid allows you to buy up to 10,000 followers and in this case you pay $199. But 100 daily followers will cost you $50 per month, and for this price, Buzoid truly offers the best deal. The downside is that Buzoid can’t give you followers based on their countries.

So if you are targeting people who only speak your language, it can be a problem. But then again, gaining followers from all over the world is not that bad. We can say the same about their 7-day money-back guarantee. Although a 30 day period would be much better.

9. Qlizz.com

Qlizz is a popular option to buy Instagram followers and likes. It is a reliable service to buy real followers without the option of fake followers or cures that will be quickly rejected by the Instagram algorithm. So what does Qlizz offer?

For starters, you get high-quality followers within 3 days of your purchase. With other services in mind, this isn’t too far off. Again, Qlizz has real followers and these are people who are paid by the company to follow and interact with you.

People who want to branch out outside of Instagram will also like Qlizz. You can get their services for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Twitch, and many other platforms as well. For Instagram, the price starts at just $1.5, but if you want followers, you can get 100 of them for as little as $2.

Additionally, Qlizz supports a subscription-based service. In this case, you’ll pay $20 per month and gain 1,000 followers each month, which is a great deal. To that we must add 24/7 customer support, the frequent activity of their followers and the active growth of Instagram.

Although there is no free trial, Qlizz offers a 14-day money-back guarantee during which you can get your money back if you are not satisfied. It seems fair to me given the high level of quality that Qlizz displays.

10. Wefbee.com

Just like Viralft, Wefbee does everything for you, across various social networking sites. So instead of using different websites for different needs, you can trust Wefbee to do its job thoroughly.

In addition to Instagram, you can buy views on YouTube, Soundcloud followers, and TikTok followers. But if you go for Instagram followers, you should expect quite affordable prices and fast delivery. In my experience deliveries rarely take more than a few hours and you get high quality people.

In fact, Wefbee only offers real followers that will engage you in a natural and genuine way. If you want, you can also buy automatic Instagram likes, likes and even views if you make a lot of videos and tutorials.

The price starts from $4.49 for 25 followers and goes up to $46.49 for 5000 followers which is really affordable. However, their customer support is not good and live chat support is lacking. Also, this is a relatively new website, so it is not surprising that it is not as functional as other options on the list.

Please note that they do not have a refund policy, which means you cannot get a refund! That said, make sure you buy the right plan because you can’t get your money back from Wefbee.

Benefits of buying Instagram followers

Increasing your popularity on Instagram brings many benefits. After all, this is why influencers pride themselves on having thousands or even millions of followers. Purchasing these followers is also beneficial in many ways, and some of these benefits include:

You get immediate results

When you buy followers and likes on Instagram, you get pretty immediate results. Sure, some sites are more for gradual delivery, but in many cases you’ll get your following within a few business days. In just a few days, your Instagram profile can be in another dimension, literally!

With more followers, more people will start interacting with your profile and help you achieve your goals. That is if we are talking about real followers and not bots and spammers that some sites will sell you.

If you buy followers from, for example, Adflee, you will see the results we are talking about. Thanks to relevant followers, it will be easy to bring your brand to your audience, so you can get more conversions from your Instagram profile.

Buying followers is not expensive

One thing that makes followers worth buying is the price. I mean, the average price for 100 followers is $3 to $5, which isn’t much. Rather, try going out and finding 100 real and relevant followers yourself, is that easy?

I think you will waste a lot of energy and time doing it, and during this time you can earn tens of dollars. And guess what: you won’t be able to find 100 relevant followers! Not to mention that marketing investments are very expensive and as a newcomer you probably don’t have enough funds for it.

However, this is probably the cheapest way to get more attention on social media. With more active followers, you are guaranteed to get more engagement, which is exactly what you want.

Your account gains credibility overnight

Credibility on Instagram has a lot to do with following, liking, and commenting. That being said, you can quickly build credibility if lots of people follow you and like/comment on your posts from time to time.

Therefore, buying Instagram followers can prove to be very beneficial for a quick boost to success. With the credibility you’ll build, you’ll have more confidence in marketing your products or services to a larger audience.

You save a lot of time and effort

Instagram is packed with strong brands and influencers. Therefore, you are going a very difficult path if you want to compete only with the greats. Getting Instagram followers through the services we present is a much easier way.

Sure, you’ll spend some money, but you’ll save a great deal of time and effort. After all, time is money, so when you save some time, you can use it to earn money upside down and turn it into an investment for your growing Instagram brand.

This way, you can focus on business-related tasks while your followers do everything for you.

Risks of buying Instagram followers

While buying Instagram followers can bring benefits, it also comes with its fair share of risks. These are some of the risks:

Instagram can delete your followers

Instagram is all about doing things the old fashioned way. They want you to market your account by paying for their ads, in which case your popularity will grow organically. It’s not very fast though compared to how expensive Instagram tends to be.

This is the main reason why people choose to buy followers. However, sometimes Instagram will discover certain profiles that don’t do things their way and limit them. If Instagram detects something suspicious, it will inspect your followers and remove those it deems to be fake.

Worst of all, they can ban your account permanently, so you lose all your followers and the opportunity to have influence on social networks. That is why it is important to buy followers from verified companies that take care of the security of your account.

Increasing your overall engagement isn’t cheap

Wait, didn’t you just say that it’s cheap to buy followers?

I did it.

Remember, however, that higher total engagement on Instagram isn’t just about buying followers. For example, it is much better to buy active followers, but it is also more expensive. In many cases, you have to buy a few likes, and then a few comments, and then a few views, etc., etc.

If you include all these expenses and money, it can quickly add up to large sums. So make sure you have some estimated risks and unplanned expenses before you start this practice.

Some sites do not sell real followers

My main problem with buying Instagram followers is that you can easily get bots and spammers even though the seller claims otherwise. This is not good for three reasons. First, they will trick you into paying a lot of money for something you don’t want to buy.

Second, the Instagram algorithm can quickly spot these bots, scammers, or whatever you want to call them. If this happens, you can delete these accounts, reducing your total followers.

Again, even your account can become a victim as Instagram can delete it if you have fake followers. The third and last thing is that fake followers are noticeable from a mile away. I mean, anyone can see a fake follower comment. I’ve seen it and probably you too.

If people see such things on your profile, they are likely to turn you off completely. In my opinion, this is a great aspect of the credibility of the company or individual.


Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

Yes, it is safe as long as you buy them from a reputable source. Ookfy and Adflee are good options because they sell real, relevant followers that will engage with your account. All the companies we present are really safe, but we cannot say the same about other options.

Some of them will look for ways to exploit you, ruin your credibility online, and make you money. Before you buy Instagram followers, do a thorough background check on the company you’re buying them from and make sure they’re reputable.

If you find even a hint of harmful business practices, just avoid the company and don’t risk ruining your business.

Why is engagement important for the Instagram algorithm?

One important thing is for your followers to increase engagement on your posts. You see, Instagram updates its algorithm from time to time and different rules may apply to how well your posts will rank. Let’s say you post a post on Instagram, be it a video or a photo.

At that point, this post is shown to a fraction of your audience, where Instagram measures all interactions with the post. This includes not only likes, but also comments and shares. If the post continues to have a lot of engagement, it will be shown to a wider audience at the top of the page.

That way, they have no chance of missing out. If you reach a very high level of engagement, Instagram will show you in the Explore menu where you can reach even those who don’t follow you. However, it is very important that the post has an initial commitment.

In this case, it can help you a lot to buy active followers who comment and like your posts. Losing initial engagement can make your post less likely to be shown to a wider audience, and as such, it won’t be recognized by relevant people who might be interested in what you have to show.

Can I get free Instagram followers and likes?

Not usually. However, some services offer a free trial period where you can get about 50 likes or followers on your account, as proof that the service is genuine. Companies have to pay real people to follow you and that’s why they can’t offer them for free.

The good thing is that we usually talk about affordable prices, where you can buy 10, 15 or 20,000 followers for around 100 or 200 dollars. Compared to the time it would take you to build such a fan base, otherwise it’s not really expensive.

Fake Instagram Followers: Do They Work?

No. Fake followers are what we avoid recommending to anyone, even if you can buy them too. Instead, we choose companies that offer real, active and relevant followers. This means that your followers will be genuinely interested in what you have to show and will therefore stay on your follower list.

The only drawback is that people may lose interest in your niche and stop following you. To remedy this, some companies have a top-up guarantee, so if you lose two trackers, they’ll give you two more to replace.

Can I buy Instagram followers if my account is private?

No, you can’t.

Every company that sells followers will explicitly say so before your purchase. To buy followers on Instagram, your account MUST be public. Only then will you get followers who will start to engage with your posts.

After all, if you want to grow your audience, why would you make your profile private? This is a big mistake that many people make, so make sure you avoid it from the start!

Are these Instagram followers non-drop?

Yes, all followers you receive from above sites are 100% non-drop. We have self tested above websites. You don’t have to worry about followers quality.


Long story short, now you know where to buy Instagram followers and likes. We recommend Media Mister for its compatibility with other platforms, making it easy to build your brand across multiple social networks.

But since other options on the list are credible and will provide good services for the money. Make sure you know all the pros and cons of buying Instagram likes and followers.

If you avoid unreliable sites and buy adequate, active followers, your chances of success increase dramatically. And if you’re not careful… well, in that case, you better not risk it with an unknown company that will only benefit from your desire to succeed on Instagram.