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Buying Facebook views for your videos is one of the most used strategies today to gain more views. And it is that, unlike a social network marketing plan, this service is much faster, safer and more efficient. In any case, the ideal is to combine both services, that is, the marketing plan, by specialists in the sector, and something like what we offer you here. If you want to increase the views of your Facebook videos more effectively, in less time and for less money, you should try this service. These will help you increase the number of users who reach your profile and watch your videos. Do you want to know what our service is about and what we offer you? Keep reading and give your social media a boost!

What are Facebook views used for?

Facebook's algorithm works by taking into account all the interaction and engagement your Pages receive. This means that it will look at the likes, comments, subscriptions and views that you have to give you one position or another. For example, if you have a post that has generated a lot of interest, it will appear featured and, quite possibly, in the platform's feed. To stimulate the algorithm quickly, most of the users use this kind of services. We, from here, offer you the possibility of buying Facebook views and we promise you the security that your page will achieve the objectives you want more quickly.

Why should you buy Facebook views?

Now that you know how the Facebook algorithm and any other platform works, you should know the main advantages of this fantastic service:

How to buy Facebook views?

To place an order with us, you only need a couple of minutes, choose the service that interests you the most and follow the steps below:
  1. Choose the package with the number of views that interests you the most, and the one that best suits your needs and your budget.
  2. Add the URL of the chosen video for which you want to increase visibility.
  3. Select your payment method. We accept credit or debit cards (Visa, MasterCard and Maestro), as well as ApplePay and GooglePay.
  4. Complete the payment and start enjoying your orders.

Who needs to buy Facebook views?

The views of your Facebook videos are very important, since you have seen how the algorithm of social networks works on your page. That is why this service is so fashionable. It is not easy to get users and/or clients naturally, which is why many companies and other profiles on social networks purchase this type of service as a complement to their marketing strategy:

Advantages of using Qlizz to buy facebook views

Why choose our service and not another? Here are our reasons!:

How Qlizz works

1. Choose the package you prefer.

Choose the number of views, likes, followers and other forms of interaction that you prefer. We offer packages of different sizes depending on your needs.

2. Enter your username or URL.

Enter the URL or username where you want to receive the content, so we know where to send your request.

3. Complete the payment and receive your order!

Choose your payment method, make the payment and then check your email to confirm it. You will receive your order in the order window of the package.

Frequently asked questions

What information should I provide you when placing an order?

To request any of our services, you just have to leave us a link to the Facebook video in which you want to receive views and an email address. We don't need a password.

Where can I find the link to the Facebook video?

From the browser: you simply have to open the video, right-click on it and select 'Show video URL'. You just have to copy the URL of the video. From the mobile application: you can click on the 'Share' option, and then 'Copy link'.

Can I buy Facebook views for any video?

Yes, the only limitation when purchasing this service is that Facebook videos must be public and have no restrictions by country or age. They must also be Facebook's own videos, not shared from YouTube or another platform.

Can you ban my account for buying Facebook video views?

No, don't worry because Facebook won't take any action. First of all, you are not violating the Terms and Conditions of the platform. Secondly, millions of users already do it and nothing happens.

Can I split the views into different videos?

No, unfortunately, each package you buy with us will only be used for one link (video). If you want to buy Facebook views for another video, then you must select another package.

Can I buy 1 million facebook views?

Yes, you can buy millions of facebook views from qlizz. We can also deliver the million views in 1 day. You can buy as much views as you want.

Can I buy facebook live views?

You can buy views from normal videos, reels and even for your live video. When you go life, place the order on qlizz. You views will start getting increasing instantly.

Does buying fb views will increase my followers or likes?

Buying facebook video views will not increase your followers or likes. But we also provide facebook followers and facebook post likes service. You can also use our these services to increase likes or followers.

Are these facebook views non-drop?

The best part of buying service from qlizz is that all our services are 100% non drop. We don't sell dropping services. Our facebook video views are also non-drop for lifetime.

We focus on:

Guaranteed privacy

We do not collect or store your data, nor do we share it with third parties.

100% risk free

We guarantee an ultra-fast delivery through high security protocols. We use the best security solutions to guarantee you the best possible experience when choosing our services.

Specialized customer service

Our customer service staff is always available, so you have to contact them with any problem.

Guaranteed service

For every purchase you make with us, you receive 30 days of guaranteed service. During this time, you can contact us with any questions or problems you have.

Optimal results

We strive to continually improve our products and services, and to do so we rely on your feedback. Contact us with your suggestions and we will do our best to offer you the best results every time.

Easy ordering system

Our ordering process is one of the simplest and fastest around. It takes less than a minute to shop with us.